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Yixing Kaida Refractory Material Co., Ltd. was founded in 1998, formerly known as Yixing Kaida Refractory Material Factory. "Industry Inspection, Maintenance and Construction Qualification Certificate" is a comprehensive manufacturing enterprise; it is a manufacturer of petroleum, chemical, and engineering construction products recommended by the Engineering Construction Management Department of Sinopec Corporation and a first-level network production enterprise of China National Petroleum Corporation. The company has long provided more than 100 model series such as high-strength wear-resistant materials, wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant materials, and lightweight heat-insulating refractory materials for kiln equipment in the petroleum, petrochemical, fertilizer, electric power, steel, hazardous waste and household ceramics industries for a long time. Of various products. With the support of domestic and foreign design, scientific research, production, and construction units, and after more than 20 years of unremitting efforts, the company has now developed into an influential enterprise integrating professional refractory production and construction services in China.

The company has more than 130 employees, of which more than 50 supporting construction personnel, middle and senior technical personnel account for 10% of the total number. At present, it has fixed assets of more than 30 million yuan, including one production line for unshaped refractory materials and one production line for refractory bricks. The main production equipment includes: five 500-1000 tons high-tonnage presses, one high-temperature tunnel kiln, three ultra-high-temperature firing kilns, two sets of industrial microcomputer control systems, and the annual production capacity of high-end refractories is more than 35,000 tons. The company also has a complete set of advanced performance testing facilities and an independent scientific research institution for the development of special refractory materials, which provides an effective guarantee for quality control and product development. The company's products include corundum products, mullite products, silicon carbide products, light insulation products and a series of unshaped refractory materials (including various light and heavy castables, plastics, mortars, and bonding agents). There are more than 100 varieties in the series, mainly serving the petroleum, petrochemical, fertilizer, electric power, steel, hazardous waste and household ceramics industries. The company also undertakes various industrial furnace refractory and thermal insulation materials construction projects, and provides technical support related to refractory materials such as furnace design, technical consultation, product research and development, and user services.


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The company has complete inspection and test equipment, and the product quality is stable. It has successively passed the ISO9001 international quality system and QSHE certification, and has been rated as "Contract-honoring and Promise-keeping" in Wuxi City and "AAA Credit Enterprise" by Bank of China for many years. The product quality enjoys a high reputation among users.

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